LED Light Therapy

What is LED light therapy?

LED light therapy is one of the most effective methods of repairing and rejuvenating your skin. The treatment uses low-level pulses of skin-safe red and blue light to promote healing and deliver anti-ageing effects. Our skin cells can make use of the LED light as an energy source, similar to how plants use sunlight for photosynthesis.

At Ria, we provide LED light therapy using the outstanding Celluma PRO. Celluma’s patented design makes it the gold standard for perfect positioning and delivery. In addition, this machine simultaneously delivers blue, red and near-infrared light energy – the wavelengths most widely supported by credible scientific research. Each wavelength is absorbed by different molecules that act as a signalling mechanism for different cellular processes, making it possible to treat a wide variety of conditions both safely and easily.

LED light therapy can be used to treat numerous conditions, including:

How does LED light therapy work?

As we age, it’s natural for the collagen and elastin in our skin to break down gradually, causing wrinkles and sagging. LED red light therapy penetrates deep into the skin and can be used to treat the appearance of ageing skin, enlarged pores and fine lines without causing any damage.

LED blue light treatment is recommended for acne and similar conditions. The blue light kills the bacteria that causes acne breakouts, while also soothing the skin to reduce inflammation and redness. A reduction in lesions and overall improvement in appearance is often seen after a few treatments.

Benefits of LED light therapy

Safe, quick and effective

LED light therapy is a very safe treatment that is suitable for all skin types and has no side effects or downtime.

Reduces the signs of ageing

LED light therapy stimulates collagen production, plumping up and smoothing your skin and reducing the signs of ageing.

Heals and repairs

LED light therapy can help repair your skin and improve the effects of a range of skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, acne and rosacea. It can also accelerate the healing process in dermal wounds.

Pain management

LED light therapy can help in pain management, offering relief from arthritic pain, muscle joint pain and stiffness.

LED Light Therapy | Before & After

LED light therapy treatment

During your treatment, you’ll put on a pair of goggles to protect your eyes and our expert will place the LED light therapy device above your face. Now, simply relax for 20-30 minutes as the device delivers the light therapy. This is a non-invasive, painless treatment; you might feel some warmth, but no discomfort.

Celluma light therapy can be used as a standalone procedure or combined with a variety of other services, including facials, microdermabrasion, Hydrafacial, microneedling, peels, dermaplaning and much more. Get in touch today to find your ideal combination.

Preparation & Aftercare

LED Light Therapy Treatment Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions

LED light therapy is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment. You’ll simply feel a little heat from the lights. Many patients find the experience relaxing; some report afterwards that they feel as though their skin is glowing.
Research suggests that regular sessions of LED light therapy can help reduce and improve some skin conditions.
LED light therapy isn’t appropriate for everyone. You should not undergo LED light therapy if you take certain medications that increase sensitivity to sunlight, such as isotretinoin and lithium. You should also avoid this treatment if you have a history of skin cancer or inherited eye diseases.

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