Harmony XL Pro Special Edition

What is Harmony XL Pro?

The Harmony XL PRO laser treatment uses a pixel skin resurfacing laser to treat a wide range of skin conditions and concerns. This state-of-the-art machine separates light into numerous fractions that penetrate deep into the skin, where they boost collagen for a natural anti-ageing result. Because the treatment works at levels below the surface, it causes zero damage to the top layer of your skin.

What skin concerns can Harmony XL Pro treat?

Harmony XL Pro is exceptionally versatile, with 65 treatment options using different applicators and modes – a true all-in-one skincare solution. By combining various technologies and advanced features, you can achieve wide-ranging results without risk or downtime.

With this, we can treat a myriad of skin concerns including:

During your treatment, your skin will be cleansed and you will be provided with a pair of goggles. You will be able to see the light during your treatment, but the goggles will ensure your eyes are protected. Depending on the treatment option, you may feel a mild sensation of heat, or experience a feeling similar to the snap of a rubber band against your skin.

What makes the Harmony XL Pro the best on the market?

Harmony XL Pro skin treatment options

ClearLift treatment

ClearLift is a quick treatment – just 30 minutes! – that will leave your skin glowing and radiant. ClearLift combines high-intensity fractional lasers with simultaneous contact cooling and vacuum technology to tackle concerns such as under-eye bags, acne and hyperpigmentation. Because it uses a non-ablative laser, this treatment has zero tissue damage, minimal discomfort and no downtime. Most people require an average of 4-6 treatments.

ClearSkin Pro treatment

Many people find it a challenge to keep their skin clear and blemish-free – that’s where ClearSkin can help. Created to address all forms of acne and subsequent scarring, ClearSkin uses a cooled laser with a vacuum function to induce the body’s natural healing response in the deeper layers of your skin. This has an immediate impact on infections, toxins and scarring, and stimulates collagen production for a speedy recovery with no downtime. For long lasting results, we recommend three treatments over three months.

iPixel treatment

The iPixel is an ablative erbium laser that triggers tissue repair and collagen production. This makes it the top choice for tackling the effects of ageing, improving tone, texture and elasticity, and reducing pore size and the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Meanwhile, it increases moisture content, resulting in plump, radiant, younger-looking skin. This treatment requires little downtime, depending on the intensity level required.

ClearVein treatment

The Harmony XL Pro ClearVein treatment is effective in reducing the appearance of visible spider or varicose veins, using short bursts of light to increase the temperature in the targeted area. This treatment is reliably effective and gives long-lasting results with little downtime.

Harmony IPL treatment

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Therapy uses high intensity light to treat a number of skin conditions by targeting the lower levels of the skin. IPL also has the advantage of needing minimal downtime and aftercare.

Harmony XL Pro | Before & After

Preparation & Aftercare

Treatment Prices

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Frequently Asked Questions

These treatments encourage natural healing and collagen production in the skin, kill harmful bacteria and reduce inflammation.
Most clients tolerate the sensation of IPL and laser treatments quite well, but some people experience some mild discomfort. Many describe a sensation of heat and some say it feels similar to a rubber band snapping on the skin.
The duration of these treatments vary, but are usually approximately 30 minutes. Depending on the condition to be treated and the treatment option selected, we may recommend a total of 3-6 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.
This treatment works by shooting a very short pulse from a high-powered laser light through the skin. This light breaks tattoo ink into smaller particles, which your immune system can dispose of. Over time, the tattoo fades from your skin.

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